2017 Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado specs and pictures

Today we compare two great models, 2017 Toyota Tundra and 2017 Chevy Silverado. There is very strong competition among producers in the pickup segment. Pickup trucks are more and more interesting for customers, because of their functionality and opportunity to use them every day. Its quality and competitive prices, the Japanese car company Toyota is fighting for their share of the world market.

The selection and purchase of a new vehicle is very important moment in the lives of the new owners. Car manufacturers are offering a large selection of models and option packs and struggling for new customers.

Toyota Tundra vs Chevrolet Silverado. Chevy Silverado has better selling results than Toyota Tundra.

2017 Toyota Tundra vs 2017 Chevy Silverado Engines and Specs

The company Toyota will offer two V8 petrol power trains. The first power unit will have a displacement of 4.6L and output of 310 BHP. More powerful unit will have a 5.7L capacity and power of 381 BHP. Power from both units will be transferred to the wheels via an automatic transmission with six gears.

Chevrolet has prepared a range of three petrol power trains. There will be a V6 EcoTec3 aggregate with volume of 4.3L and power of 285 BHP. Stronger unit will be V8 with 5.3L displacement and output of 383 BHP. The most powerful V8 engine will have a fantastic 6.2L volume and develop the power of 420 BHP. Both companies announced reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the use of modern technology and the use of lighter materials in the production of its vehicles.

I like the fact that Chevy Silverado has greater choice of engines. Specially, I like the impressive engine with 420 BHP. For this reason, I believe that the Chevy, in this segment, has a significant advantage.

Which is better vehicle: Toyota Tundra or Chevrolet Silverado. Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado

Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado Design

Both vehicles, Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado will at first glance catch the attention of the person who is watching them. Aggressive body lines, sporty look and the use of chromium in these models, will definitely be pleasing to the eye. Large light clusters on both models, fog lights and tail lights, certainly will further improve traffic safety. Vehicles with this dimensions, belong to large alloy wheels in size from 18 to 20 inches, depending on the package of accessories.

Both models will be equipped with a number of systems for the safety of passengers and the system will take care of comfort and entertainment while driving. A list of embedded systems for passenger safety is very long, and all systems are known owners of these models and additionally upgraded. Comfort inside the vehicle will be great, so that all travelers will enjoy every moment they spend driving. In the segment of interior, the difference is only in the details. Both vehicles Have extremely comfortable interior.

Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado Release Date and Price

Both automakers have announced that their models will be offered for sale during the year 2017. The price of 2017 Toyota Tundra and 2017 Chevy Silverado will depend on the package of equipment that the customer chooses. The company Toyota claims that the base model 2017 Toyota Tundra will be available for $ 31,200. If you like great equipment, for the richest package model of Toyota Tundra will be necessary to allocate $ 51,300.

On the other hand, the basic version of the new Chevy Silverado will be slightly cheaper than the model Toyota Tundra 2017, and the price will range from $ 28,800. 2017 Chevy Silverado with the richest equipment package will cost $ 56,300.As we can see, the most expensive version of Silverado is the slightly more expensive, but we believe that the quality of the equipment justifies this price.

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