3rd generation Tundra in white color

Toyota has decided to introduce great changes in the full-size pickup truck segment. New 2019 Toyota Tundra will be the first model of the Tundra’s third generation. There are several reasons for redesigning this model. The first reason is the fact that Toyota Tundra is one of the models that didn’t get changes, except facelift for more than 12 years. More important thing is that Toyota Tundra in 2016 saw a decline in sales. In 2015, were sold 118,880 vehicles, while in 2016 were sold 115,489…Continue Reading “2019 Toyota Tundra engine , redesign”

In this article we will compare two excellent vehicles: Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram. Both trucks are quite familiar for the widest audience, and it will be very interesting to compare the most important characteristics. American car company Dodge was founded by brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge back in 1900 in Michigan. Throughout its turbulent history of car production, changing the corporations and their owners. Dodge was part of the Chrysler Group, was a short time part of Daimler – Benz AG…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Tundra vs Dodge Ram 1500 design, towing capacity, specs”

Toyota Tundra Platinum model will be the trim level with the richest equipment. The real fans of Tundra will be happy to choose the best trim level, especially if they have enough money. Many will be interested to know what are the differences between this and other trim levels. Therefore, special attention in this article is paid to the differences between the Platinum model and the others. 2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum Engines , Towing capacity and Specs 2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum will be available with…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum Engine, Price, Specs”

Toyota Tundra 2017

2017 Toyota Tundra will be the representative of the third generation of the pickup truck models. The entire development of new Tundra was done in Michigan. Specific weather conditions have contributed to the project team to create the perfect vehicle. Toyota Tundra history and previous generations Tundra are expanses where trees grow poorly, due to low temperatures. This name comes from Lapland language and means “field without trees”. The Japanese car company Toyota chose this name for their pickup truck. From the basis of this…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Tundra review, engine, colors”